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Zarathushtra's position within Mazdayasna?

Dear Parviz

If you have fallen out of love with Zarathushtra and instead fallen in love with the shamans that preceded him in Iranian Central Asia, I believe you have made a terrible mistake.
If you were in love with the divine prophet Zarathushtra, the Jafareyite Jesus figure, well then that was a big mistake. I would surely agree with you as I'm sure would everybody else here on Ushta.
But being in love with the Mazdayasni brother and human being Zarathushtra, for all his qualities and also his faults and defects as a human being, can never be wrong.
Don't judge people by Abrahamic standards, then you become an Abrahamicist yourself in your eagerness to fight Abrahamicism. And don't blame Zarathushtra for what OTHERS have done after him. Their mistakes and not his mistakes.
Defending the human being Zarathushtra as a major thinker is at the root of Mazdayasna. There would be no civilizationism and no belief in the good of a pluralistic society without him.
Otherwise you just become another new age shamanism romanticist. The ultimate illusion is to believe that there was a good world before Civilization arrived. There never was. The nomad cultures of Central Asia were about as intolerant and short-sighted in their ambitions as human socities can be.


2010/1/5 ardeshir farhmand

Dear Parviz,

u are certainly entitled to ur point view. Ashoo Zartoesht is simply saying that at the core of reality there is ALWAYS true beauty, wonder and infinite good. being/existence and matter are inherently amazing and good. GOOD and GROWTH has always been and IS the essence of reality and all things.

due to inconscience and interia appeared the temporary phenm of bad judgment/afflicted understanding, a non-being.

when consciousness/foresight is vibrant and bright things are true to their essence and when there is inconscience and stagnation there is difficulty and delusion of evil.

u are a bright individual of zoroastrian ancestry, u do not have to agree with ur faith. however, u should not label ur ideas other than ur very own ideas.

and about the poetic gathas, all translations are extremely poor and the recent ones unfortunately to a GREAT PART reflect the personal views of the author, rather than the true words of ashoo zarthoesht. the best ones i have seen is the word by word analysis of "irach taraporewala" and then "mastero pourdavood" into farsi.

of course NONE of the above can be compared even remotely to the scholarly and undiscovered ancient exegesis and commentaries of the gathas preserved in the great Denkard and pahavi yasna and vispered.

it is best that each zoroastrian learn the gathas in their original language to grasp their immense beauty and true magic.

people of the jewish faith know the torah in hebrew, what is wrong with us then????


On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 8:40 PM, Parviz Varjavand wrote:

Dear Ardeshir,

I was in love with Zarathushtra most of my life, but I am daring to become a realist and fall out of love with Zarathushtra. He was most off all a POLITITIAN, a social climber who wanted and did take the position of the old shamans of the courts of the local tribal kings away from them. With him begins the religious mess that we are in today called Monotheism. If he invented the idea of one good God, then he also invented the black hole also in which we need to park all the bad that we face. Remember "the two shall not agree in any way, not in thoughts, not in words, and not in deeds".

The Aryans vs. Semites division many like to talk about is a false one. If you equate Light with Good, you also equate Dark with Bad and the whole Patriarchal Mess of our dominant religions of today begins. Father and Light above becomes Good and Mother and Earth and the Darkness in the ground becomes Bad. I know you want to argue with this point, but please remember the preocupation of Zoroastrian with menstrual blood. That is hate for the feminin and how the feminin functions. That is the seed that grew with Mani and his heaven and earth division, but Zarathushtra planted the seed with his twin spirit idea.

Please know that these words taste very bad in the mouth of one like me that was born and raised to worship Zarathushtra and his Gahan. But Zarathushtra also thought me to seek the truth, choose the truth, and speak the truth. In that tradition, I am a true follower of him, even if what I say about him may shock many when I paint a picture of him which is not so flatering. I hope that good scholars like yourself will prove me wrong, I truly whish this. It is very painful for me to finally say about the prophet of my religion what I think about him.

Mehr Afzoon,
Parviz Varjavand

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