onsdag 18 november 2009

Zoroastrianism in our everyday lives: The Obsession with Charisma

Dear Dino
I would say that we live in an age obsessed with CHARISMA and not necessarily looks.
Looks is just the most obvious aspect of charisma, what media focuses on, but charisma is far deeper than that and a large chuck of charisma is actually due to education and what I would refer to as "a new intellectualism".
Not necessarily the intellectualism of books and literary quotes but rather the intellectualism of semiotics, of "knowing pictures and sounds and how they function" after hundreds of hours of online networking and surfing.
We need to think like netocrats and not like the old bourgeoisie.

2009/11/18 Special Kain

Dear friends,

I'd like to discuss Zoroastrianism as a part of our everyday routines. How do YOU apply Zoroastrianism to your everyday life? What did it inspire you to do? How did it affect your world?
I seriously believe that this discussion is important (even though Parviz might disagree), simply because Zoroastrianism is whatever Zoroastrians as Zoroastrians make of it in their everyday lives.
There are several issues I'd like to discuss: anti-intellectualism and the worship of stupidity as a prerequisite for ultimate fun (the duty to have fun all the time, see Slavoj Zizek and Peter Sloterdijk), transhumanism, new technology and personal matters such as mate selection and looks (because it's all about the looks these days).
It would be great to have someone share my enthusiasm!

Ushta, Dino

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