fredag 6 november 2009

Mehr or Mithra

Needless to say, this is EXACTLY what Baruch Spinoza wrote in Europe in the 17th century too.
Some 3,400 years after Zarathushtra but unconsciously with identical ideas.
No wonder western Spinozists so happily convert to Zoroastrianism.
Please tell us more about Mehr or Mithra, Parviz! And Bali is an amazing place, one of my favorite places in the world! Have you seen the sunset at Jambaran Beach yet? You can view it from the Four Seasons or the Intercontinental hotels.

2009/11/6 Parviz Varjavand

Dear friends on Ushta,

I am in Bali now and I feel this place is so powerful that it helps me put down some thoughts I have had about Mehr or Mithra.

For me (not to be confused with anybody else):
Ah+oora means "That which has existence". All that has Existence is sacred because "Being" is superior to Not Being. I am so thankful that "I Am" rather than not being.

Ma+z+da means "That which has Mind". WOW, how come that "That Which has Existence" (read all the lifeless Ahoora stuff in the galaxies) gets a Mind somewhere along the line? We do not know and will probably never know for sure how this happens, all we can do and say is to grab our heads and start spinning around and say "Wow, Wow, Wow". The shift from Ahoora to Mazda is so huge that it blows ones mind just to get a hold of.

Then what is the software of this Mind in nature that makes it operate? To me, that software is Mehr or "Love + Contract" pulling things towards each other and pushing them away from each other in a never ending spiral. The Plus Pulse and the Minus Pulse of existence is Mehr. "Mehr Afzoon" my dear friends; may your capacity for Love increase ever second that you live. You can not get hold of a more powerful intoxicant to get high on than Mehr.

Mehr Afzoon,
Parviz Varjavand

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