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Zoroastrianism: I believe there is a universe and I have DECIDED that this universe is sacred to me

I would put it this way: Every man and woman who acts within wisdom is a MANIFESTATION of Ahura Mazda. Even more so, people coming together and acting wisely together are even more a manifestation of Ahura Mazda. When I see young people demonstarting for freedom, liberty and justice in the streets of Cairo and Damascus in 2011, I see manifestations of Ahura Mazda. And I agree with Yazed: To me, The Universe is God because The Universe does exist and is amazing and indeed sacred to me. I will believe this until The Universe itself tells me to believe something else. ;-)

2011/8/20 SHAHROOZ ASH

Hope all is well and good.

The only god is the wise man/woman (Ahura Mazda), because a wise man/woman is a pure person. In terms of ethics a pure and wise person always acts with good intentions. Thus, never causing harm to any person and environment which supports human life because of greed or fear. A child also falls within this same category because children are pure. Ahura Mazda means; a being that is wise. A human is a being, and if wise, then you have a wise being (Ahura Mazda). The only thing that is praise worthy or worth worshiping is; children and wise persons. The only god (Ahura Mazda) is man.

Wishing you the best (Behesht),
Shahrooz Ash
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There is a lot of debate about whether God exists. I have come to the conclusion, after listening to all arguments, that God could either be the Universe itself or your spirit or conscience. It is difficult to describe Him/Her!


On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 3:37 AM, Alexander Bard wrote:
Dear Behnaz
I believe there is a universe and I have DECIDED that this universe is sacred to me.
I don't care about all that God-talk and neither did Zarathushtra. He does not use the term God even once in "The Gathas".
If you share my belief, then you are a true Zoroastrian. And there is no need to look for something bigger and better than yourself or the world around you. Make the best of yourself and the world around you instead. You are divine. The world is divine. Which is precisely why you should be nice to yourself and those around you that you love.


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