måndag 22 augusti 2011

The Case against Cultural Relativism (and Atheism)

Which is logically inconsistent: To say that there is no truth worth to hold on to is in itself to claim a truth one considers worthy holding to. It's like the inconsistency of atheism: To say that there is no God worth believing in means that there must be a very firm belief in what this God is, how could the concept otherwise be refuted? I can accept that somebody is A-Christian or A-Islamic, but atheism is a position that doesn't hold up to intellectual scrutiny. Cultural relativism is logically impossible to cling onto.

2011/8/22 Special Kain

Pragmatically speaking, we always hold something to be true. There always is something that we believe in. Even nihilists have faith in the fact that there is nothing worth to believe in. They believe that it is pointless to have any beliefs at all. Their truth is unbearably absurd, so they reject all truth there is. Why should we build from something that is cruel and unfair? It would make all things a lot worse and our lives a lot more miserable. Their favourite interpretation (!) has failed them, so they interpret the world as if there were no interpretations to be favoured over others.

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Betreff: [Ushta] The Worldview of a Mazdayasni (was: The Concept of Truth)

Consequence: Parviz DOES HAVE FAITH in the fact that there is something fluid there (a constantly respelled Parviz Varjavand, if nothing else) which can not find a constant faith in anything. Which is in itself a lasting faith in SOMETHING to build from, to build a constantly changing, fluid but functional idea of a reality which in all its glory Parviz CHOOSES to hold sacred in its entirety. A Mazdayasni worldview!

2011/8/22 Special Kain

@ Parviz:
I don't have much faith in anything.

@ Yazed and Alexander:
Given the constant renewal of the world, that which fits with our world always changes too.


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