torsdag 11 augusti 2011

Asha and Ahura Mazda


2011/8/11 Special Kain
Asha is "that which fits" or "that which works" (commonly translated as "the truth"). The laws according to which all events in our universe take place. The laws of nature in the broadest possible sense.

Asha as the laws of nature or rather the laws of physics. Independently of us. The principle of Ahura.

Ashavahishta is "furthering that which fits" (commonly translated as "the best truth"). One's duty to live in accordance with and actively promote asha, to live in harmony with the universe and to properly apply the laws according to which events take place. It therefore is REALIZATION in its proper sense.

Asha as ethics. Dependent on us as beings with minds. How we are to relate to Asha. The principle of Mazda.


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