tisdag 16 augusti 2011

Agreeing or disagreeing with Zarathushtra on Asha vs Druj?

2011/8/16 Parviz Varjavand wrote:
There are parts of the Gathas that I do not enjoy, the parts that Zarathustra keeps referring to all that he is doing as pure Asha and accuses his opponents of engaging in pure Droj.

Dear Parviz

I actually strongly disagree.
I think it takes GUTS and COURAGE to tell the truth when one is doing the right thing and others are doing the wrong thing.
It was exactly this attitude from the Americans that made them join World War 2 and beat the horrors of fascism and nazism in Europe and Asia and gain a foothold for democracy in what was then properly established as the free world. This was the best and wisest decision ever made by the American presidents and congresses. It was Asha!
I admire Zarathushtra for his guts in telling the truth also when he chooses superior ways. However, I do not admire self-haters who believe they are superior by denying their superiority of decision-making when they actually are making the right decisions.
Self-hatred and fake humility is actually rather pathetic.
Furthermore, convicts in jail know exactly when and why they have done druj: It is when they were SHORT-SIGHTED and only saw to their own and immediate gains ignoring the long-term effects for all of their decisions. Sometimes things are actually not very complicated at all.


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