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The Worldview of a Mazdayasni (was: The Concept of Truth)

Consequence: Parviz DOES HAVE FAITH in the fact that there is something fluid there (a constantly respelled Parviz Varjavand, if nothing else) which can not find a constant faith in anything. Which is in itself a lasting faith in SOMETHING to build from, to build a constantly changing, fluid but functional idea of a reality which in all its glory Parviz CHOOSES to hold sacred in its entirety. A Mazdayasni worldview!

2011/8/22 Special Kain

@ Parviz:
I don't have much faith in anything.

@ Yazed and Alexander:
Given the constant renewal of the world, that which fits with our world always changes too.


Von: Alexander Bard
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Gesendet: 10:24 Montag, 22.August 2011
Betreff: [Ushta] The Concept of Truth

Dear Yazed

Parviz is right. And I disagree with him that hois position is only followed by a minority of Zoroastrians, I believe it is the other way round. At least her in Europe, there are hardly no followers of the idea that The Gathas is sacred book. It is just a smart book. As for your question: When you chill water below zero degrees centigrades it turns into ice. When you heat it above 100 degrees centigrades it turns into steam. No, truths are not valid everywhere and at all times, truths are always dependent on the cirumstances. Even physical truths. So even more so mental truths, including how we DESCRIBE the physical reality with a very non-physical thing, language! Since language is the tool with which to describe truth and language is fluid, then "truths must be considered fluid" too (this is the foundation for the philosophical school called "Pragmatism"). This is the major difference between Zoroastrianism and the Abrahamic faiths: We understand that the conditions for truth also regulate what truth is possible. The meat-truth decides what truth is possible. And the fact that Truth is not forever valid is actually a possibility for us, a POSSIBILITY FOR HUMAN FREEDOM and CREATIVE EXPRESSION, not a problem but a possibility.


2011/8/22 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Yazed,

Truths that are for all times and never change are written in sacred books that are for all times and no man is allowed to change them. These books are usually written not by man but by God. If you want to have Gatha or Vandidad be such books for you, there are a majority of Zoroastrians that will stand by you. Alex and Dino seem to be Mazdaists and they are writing the rules for what they wish to belive in. I am a Muzdaict and have my own school of thought all together. No shortage of crazy people when you choose to look at Zoroastrianism close up.

Mehr Ufzoon,
Purviz Vurjavund

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