söndag 27 juni 2010

Zoroastrianism - A Way of Life (was: AFDI - Archiv für Forschung und Dokumentation Iran (Berlin))

Dear Dino

This has always been my motto too: Zoroastrianism is what Zoroastrians make of it!
I'm happy to hear young radical Iranians take such a positive view of Zoroastrianism.
It bodes well for the future.
All we need to do is to let them know Zoroastrianism is the philosophical heritage of Iranian culture rather than a specific religion, and they will be even more interested.
Especially as they are already living Zoroastrian LIVES!!!


2010/6/27 Special Kain

Dear friends
Yesterday I met some Iranians at the so-called "Transgenialer CSD" (the allegedly "political" Gay Pride Berlin) and they gave me a new address: AFDI - Archive for Research and Documentation Iran (see link below).


So if you happen to be in Berlin, don't hesitate to visit their premises in Berlin-Kreuzberg. And, once again, these Iranians said exactly the same thing about Zoroastrians: liberal and generous people who strongly support environmentalism and gender equality and don't see any problem with homosexuality or different types of sexuality.
Zoroastrianism is what Zoroastrians make of it!!!


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