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Living the Mazdayasna LIFE is NOT about quoting books!

EXACTLY, dear Brother Dino!
Or to put it buntly:
If our life was meant to be an obsession with OLD BOOKS, then why on earth did Zarathushtra not spend his whole life READING AND QUOTING OLD BOOKS?
Isn't the whole point that we should live our lives as EXAMPLES of how Zarathushtra LIVED?
Books MUST therefore be secondary and NOT primary in the Mazdayasna LIFE!
And Mazdayasna is about LIVING LIFE TO ITS FULLEST, not about degrading Life by not living at all and turn ourselves into book-quoting robots.
I really really wish we once and for all could get that boring ABRAHAMIC MENTALITY out of Zoroastrianism, It is nowhere to be found in The Gathas, so why should we then force it into our beatiful religion and philosophy AFTERWARDS. Zarathushtra deserves much better than by turned into a primitive version of Muhammed.
To me, there is absolutely nothing to envy about Abrahamic religion!


2010/6/20 Special Kain

Dear Ardeshir, Bahman and Martin
You seem much more concerned with metaphysics than Persian philosophy being put to practice. I'm a scientist, so I got stuck with pragmatism and neo-existentialism a few years ago - for better or worse.
For example, I attended Berlin Gay Pride yesterday, and it was a wonderful and most Zoroastrian experience: celebrating and promoting diversity and tolerance, enjoying life to the fullest, partying with friends, making new friends, and having great sex.
In the light of such events, all further talk about moldy books telling us sweet promises and fairy tales about The Initial Mind creating our universe becomes absolutely meaningless. Even if Zarathushtra himself believed in such nonsense, we know better - thanks to modern science. We have to cope not only with the disenchantment of the world (please see Max Weber), but also with the disenchantment of reality.

My two cents,
Dino // is perfectly aware of the fact that Gay Pride has more to do with the economy than politics, but it's the little deviations in our actions that make the difference, and our dear Judith Butler received the Civil Courage Prize yesterday

--- Alexander Bard schrieb am Sa, 19.6.2010:

Von: Alexander Bard
Betreff: [Ushta] Clarification - indeed!
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Datum: Samstag, 19. Juni, 2010 21:11 Uhr

And in what way are you any better, Ardeshir?

In what way are your postings not narcissistic and pompous?
I actually believe that Martin is wrong here.
So I do not mind your pomposity and narcissism.
What I object to is that you are wrong ON THE ISSUES WE ARE DISCUSSING.
You worship books, you do not worship minds. So in what way do you mean that your position is Mazdayasna?? ?
And you advocate all kinds of nonsense that modern science has done away with a long long time ago just because you claim to have found your arguments in OLD BOOKS from before science even existed.
If OLD BOOKS is your excuse for throwing forward supertitious nonsense, then we certainly do not not share then same belief and possibly not even the same religion.
And in that case it is better to be HONEST about that then to start attacking PEOPLE for being pompous and narcissistic.
Especially when those traits are the most dominant in ONE'S OWN BEHAVIOR!!!
So letäs not beat around the bush here: Do you believe in supersitions, Ardeshir? Come on now, tell us the truth, what DO YOU BELIEVE, not what does any book say???

2010/6/19 ardeshir farhmand

Dear Martin;

Thanks for this BRILLIANT posting. the problem on this list is that there is NO respectful, healthy debate;
There is ONE way and that is the way of narcissistic, pseudo-rationalism which is incapable of withstanding any intelligent inquiry/examination .

anyone that does NOT subscribe to and/or dares to question their superficial knowledge is treated in the most condescending, hostile manner possible;
furthermore, any legitimate question is ignored and the same old positions are repeated.
alexander asked me to refrain from engaging PV and cool off, instead he goes on and attacks my record as "idiocy."

as i said, alexander, dino, the scientist and PV are always right; they do not even consider that their position could be wrong, so what is point??????? we are dealing with god-syndrome here.

bottom line is this PV is BORED and enjoys all this noise and commotion, the point is not learning something new, but shooting down anyone who offers s different point of view than theirs.
me for my part do not have the time or interest to partake in this unfruitful arguments anymore.
i like to be a true mazdyasni and LEARN something new and better, instead of being bored by the same old, repetitive, counter-productive arguments!!! !!!

it would be interesting to see if they would engage and legitimately answer the question posed to them or continue with their self-fixated, condescending style.


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