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The meanings of Mazda and Minoo

Dear Ardeshir

Thank you for an EXCELLENT scholarly odyssey on the meanings of "mazda" and "minoo".
I would like to point out that nobody I know has said that "mazda" literally means "mind" in contemporary English. But for lack of a good word for "mazda", mind is a better translation than most other suggestions.
Mazda is however more powerful and indicates process and action in a way that mind does not.
Which is very much in line with what we all discussed here on Ushta when tryingv to identify what "Mazdayasna" truly means.


2010/6/21 ardeshir farhmand

Dear Friends,

I have posted this before and i will repeat again
Mazda is related to sanskrit Medha and greek Metis;
in all these languages the word means: creativity, ingenuity, know-how, skill, craft.
as evidenced by many passages in the gathas including second line of Yasna 31.5, second line of Yasna 44.8, and third line of Yasna 53.5, the word is connected with ability to see, know/figure out, and be creative. "

The word is also connected to creative thoughts, memory and brilliant ideas,
Lith. mintis "thought, idea, and vision;
greek mantis "one who divines, prophet, seer.

More interestingly the word is related to Skt. mahan/mahas: "the world of amazing possibilities." This is strongly confirmed by the ancient exegesis. accordingly, this shows most interesting connection to O.E. mæg (inf. magan, pt. meahte, mihte), from P.Gmc. root mag-, O.N. mega, Ger. mögen, Goth. magan "to be able"), from PIE *mogh-/*megh- "power to realize." O.C.S. mogo "to be able," mosti "power, force," ."

Mazda is not only vision and creativity, but also the power to realize that vision and make it happen and möglich.

Also compare Gk. Medeia, lit. "skill, craft ," related to medos "counsel, plan, device, clever skill," median "to rule over, to be able."

the word is almost identical to avestan khratü and sanskrit kratu: namely power/ability, skill to realize a vision or brilliant idea.

Furthermore, the avestan word manö DOES NOT MEAN MIND in its modern use.

manö and mainyü refer to "wit, spirit, ability to see/know/realize, also passion, intense energy."

The farsi words MINOO and MANESH have pretty much retained the original indo-european sense of spirit, consciousness, seeing, knowing
and mode/manner of consciousness, seeing, knowing and realizing.


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