lördag 19 juni 2010

Thinking Gimmick

The need for GOOD RELIGION increases and the need for STUPID RELIGION vanishes.
But the need for religion in itself does not vanish, Martin!
Because Science explains how the world works but it does not provide existence with any VALUE whatsoever.
Only Religion and Art can do that!
This was Zarathushtra's most important point for advocating Mazdayasna!

2010/6/19 Martin Grossmann

Dear Friends

Just a small addition.

Basically people become more intelligent and so the relation from explainable changes to unexplainable phenomena changes. Humans with small brains will perceive more things unexplainable as people with higher brain function.

So although Science cannot exist without religion, the more religion we have, we have more science and so the influence of religion unto science becomes smaller, but never disappears because unexplainable phenomena still always will exist.

So if the amount of unexplainable things becomes smaller (as we would suggest that this amount is considered finite by science), then the sense for religion (although it never disappears) becomes more unclear since the nature of unexplainable phenomena changes. More underdeveloped humans perceive physical things as unexplainable while more advanced humans perceive unimaginable (metaphysical) things as unexplainable. Makes sense since metaphysical things are hard to prove or perceive.

So from a scientific point of view, the sense and logical ground for religion diminishes (although never disappears). But by questioning this sense (in this model and the positive relation between religion and science on a rational level)

the scientist questions his own existence. If a scientist would say that religion is stupidity and madness of mankind, then he would actually mean himself and tell us, that he spend his time searching for proof of this fact, although this fact made this effort possible in the first place ;)


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