söndag 7 mars 2010

The struggle against bigotry and racism among Parsees

Dear Dino

I agree 100%!!!
As far as I'm concerned, I treat Parsees with the same respect that I treat all human beings. And therefore I also expect them to behave as decently as all human beings should. They are after all grown-ups and not children and they are capable of deciding for themselves whether they want to be true tolerant Mazdayasni or just banal Indian caste-mentality racists.
Let's support our many Parsi Mazdayasni friends and hope their community strengthens and can grow as they struggle against bigotry and isolationism. Russia needs its mobeds too!


2010/3/7 Special Kain

Dear Alexander

No unfriendly tone intended!
Perhaps we should write a manual and distribute it at Parsi community centers in India? Yes, that's meant to be a joke, but we obviously have to remind them that Mazdayasna is all for democracy, pluralism, tolerance and the equality of all people. And it was Zarathushtra who wanted to free the people from ingrained ideas and hierarchies based on heritage and bloodlines. This is what we as Mazdayasni should pursue and continue.

My two cents,

--- Alexander Bard schrieb am So, 7.3.2010:

Von: Alexander Bard
Betreff: [Ushta] Parsees storm Zoroastrian College to stop conversion of a Russian
An: "Ushta"
CC: "mehrdad farahmand" , "Eduljee"
Datum: Sonntag, 7. März, 2010 11:34 Uhr

Dear Ardeshir and Dino

The two of you seem to agree with each other perfectly on this issue.
So why the unfriendly tone? It seems totally misplaced for the rest of us.
Let's be constructive: We all agree that this incident has greatly damaged the Parsi Community's credibility. But it also creates an opportunity for us to finally deal with the racism at the heart of the isolationism among Parsees. It is dated and totally unacceptable in a modern society.


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