söndag 7 mars 2010

Khojeste Mistree on Zoroastrianism

Does Khojeste Mistree even BELIEVE IN Zoroastrianism?
It doesn't seem so. One could expect these words from a pessimistic ethnologist.
But not from a person who actually believes that Zarathushta speaks the truth.

2010/3/7 Bahman Noruziaan

There is one point in this article that I’d like to pint out:
Oxford-trained religious scholar Khojeste Mistree says, “I have yet to find an encouraging historical signpost to show that Zoroastrianism has in any way or form survived, successfully, without its all-important ethnic or community identity. Let us even assume for a moment, that some non-Parsi and non-Iranians became Zoroastrians at some point in their respective histories, there is no evidence today of their Zoroastrian beliefs and practices having survived, in a sustained, institutionalized way even for a hundred years after their alleged conversion.”
If the theory that Mr. Mistree suggest is true, then one should wonder why unlike other faiths and religions, whether the older ones, such as Christianity, Islam and Budhism and Hindusim; or the more recent ones, such as the Bahaism; Mazdayasna/Zoroastrianism has been destined the fate that he is proposing.

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