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Parsees storm Zoroastrian College to stop conversion of a Russian Zoroastrian

Dear Mickey

I know perfectly well what the situation is like for Parsees in India. I have visited Mumbai and Gujarat many times and have many great friends among the Parsees, especially among those who are open-minded and genuine Zoroastrians and therefore also welcome conversions. I even did a big great interview for Parsiana Magazine a couple of years ago.

So I believe Dino is right here: Parsees are NOT children, they are grown-ups. They are not "made to believe" anything, as grown-ups they are responsible for their own thoughts, words and actions, and are therefore not made to believe anything but CHOOSE to believe what they believe.

We simply need to tell them that in a modern world tolerance is the norm and that their intolerance is completely unacceptable. We need to fight against Parsi racism, it is really disgusting, a shame for the great Zoroastrian religion!

To begin with, I have fairer skin, bluer eyes, and I'm more pure-blooded Aryan than ANY Parsi in the whole world. So why should I not be accepted as a Zoroastrian? Even according to the disgusting racist norms of Parsi supremacists???


2010/3/5 Special Kain

Dear Mickey

One cannot always act out of fear. That's just silly, destructive and short-sighted. And people should be free to choose their religion and identities as they see fit. After all, freedom of choice is key in Zoroastrianism, and it's actually there in The Gathas that people are free to convert to whatever religion they like.
Having said this I DO understand the Parsis' fears, too!!! But it's not a strategy that's going to work in the long run.


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I would to an extent disagree with what you have mentioned - Perhaps as you
dont reside in Gujrat or Mumbai you dont have an idea of the ground realities

The root cause of all these issues is unfortunately Parsis as a community dont
know much about Iran's history and the fact that during Sassanian times and before
Conversions to Zoroastrianism was the norm.

They are made to believe that everything was rosy in Sassanian times and they are
of pure race - superior soul - i.e Feel Good factor of Superiority, Exclusiveness

This behaviour of storming college etc is not surprising - Religion is a very personal and sensitive issue

Parsis are taught since Childhood that Conversions are forbidden and then
Religious leaders got to lengths coming up with articles, lectures etc justifying
So I dont blame the group who stormed the college etc.

Also places like Gujrat are communally sensitive at times - One cannot give the
impression to the Majority Hindu community that conversions are being made
by Parsis

The reason why Parsis are relatively free from Communal oppression in India
is mainly due to non-conversion

So before calling Parsis as blatant racists etc - You need to realise that India
may be a secular country but conversions are still very sensitive issue.

I think Mikhail should have done his ceremony in Europe or America where there wouldnt
be any issue of this kind.

Also what I dont understand is if Zoroastrianism is a philosophy, state of mind why
is Conversion or Thread ceremony so essential

I would consider Iranians who love their Ancient Past, History, culture and respect for Zoroastrianism - as Zoroastrians by Heart despite not being born in the faith

Do you really need this process of conversions when you are Zoroastrian by
heart? Why to invoke religious sentiments of people who dont like change in life?


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Date: Thursday, 4 March, 2010, 8:33 PM

Dear Alexander,

Mr. MIKHAIL CHISTYAKOV can be contacted on

Chisti-m@mail. ru

Khshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao


Kerssie Wadia

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From: Alexander Bard
Subject: Re: [Ushta] Fwd: Parsis storm Zoroastrian College to stop conversion of a Russian
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Cc: "mehrdad farahmand" , kamran.jamshidi@
Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2010, 2:47 AM

The Parsi community in India is apparently full of blatant racists.
There is a lot of ideological rubbish these people need to deal with. Although I must stress that a majority of Parsees do not subscribe to this isolationist extremism.
I would however strongly recommend that we invite the brave Mikhail Chispiakov to come and join us here at Ushta.
His dedication to the Zoroastrian cause is amazing!!!
Does anybody know where I can reach Mr Chispiakov?

2010/2/22 ardeshir farhmand

Indeed, a sad and shameful news!!!!
Zoroastrianism/ Mazdyasna is a privilege and NOT a right.
If a russian, whose ancient language is much closer to Avesta EARNS priesthood, he/she must be celebrated.
i personally apologize deeply to this fellow Zoroastrian for such act of profound stupidity by the punchayat.


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Parsis storm Zoroastrian College to stop conversion of a Russian
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Parsis storm Zoroastrian College to stop conversion of a Russian

Parsis storm Zoroastrian College to stop conversion of a Russian

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