tisdag 2 mars 2010

God of having colds vs Believers in Licking Boots

In that case, most people are always sick and very few are ever healthy.
People constantly love licking the boots of those in power. Not because they have to, but because they love doing so. This is why Islam has become so tremendously successful simply by formulating a worldview called "Blind Obedience" (which is what Islam means in Arabic).
Not that Christianity, Fascism or Marxism are any better. It's all the same bootlicking pathos.

2010/3/2 Parviz Varjavand

Alex, you did not get my point.
The mind of a sick person does not work as the mind of a healthy person.
When in need, as when very sick, our minds bend and we feel like throwing ourselves in the arms of something much much bigger than ourselves. The poorer the surfs were and the less they had education, the more they would lick the booths of the nobility who was the main cause of their misery. They would look at the pomp and arrogance of their masters and they would throw themselves at their feet. Long story.... lets leave it for when we get over our cold.

Ushta te,

--- On Sun, 2/28/10, Alexander Bard wrote:

From: Alexander Bard
Subject: [Ushta] God of having colds
To: Ushta@yahoogroups.com
Date: Sunday, February 28, 2010, 4:09 AM

You may suffer from your cold, but the germs in your body are having a ball and enjoying every second of it. So why not look at it as if your body is the party temple of happy germs? That is what monism means to me. Death is this way a feast for worms.
Alexander/is having a cold too...

2010/2/28 Parviz Varjavand
Dear friends,

I have a very nasty cold and I keep calling on God all the time for help. But I have noticed even in my high fever that this God I call on has nothing to do with the Monist God I normally like to communicate with. This God must live outside His creation and be all powerful in order to pull me out of my situation miraculously. So, If I get well, I will go back to my Monist God that is my friend and companion and dwells in his/her creation. But for now when I get high fever and coughs that threaten to choke me, I need the other God, the mightily nasty one with extra ingredients of irrational powers. I am very needy when sick and I can't help but want an extra strenght God to take care of me. Help me O'Lord, I beg you, I beg you, you are the God of sick beggars like me, have pity on me, have pity on me.


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