onsdag 10 mars 2010

Is Zoroastrianism a philosophy or a religion?

Philo-Sophia vs Theo-Sophia
Dear Parviz and Dino

A GREAT argument is to say that Mazdayasna is older and more ancient (good attributes these days) than both philosophy and religion as we know them and therefore transcends both and is its own category altogether. Why not? Philosophy is just a poor copycat of Mazdyasna, its original exercise. Haha.


2010/3/10 Special Kain

Dear Parviz

There are two possible answers:

(1) Mazdayasna is the world's first philosophical religion.

(2) It's heavily Eurocentric to separate philosophy from religion. Let's not overrate the Greeks.

My two cents,

--- Parviz Varjavand schrieb am Mi, 10.3.2010:

Dear Dino,

How do you shake off persons who insist that Mazda-Yasna does not mean Philo-Sophia but means Theo-Sophia? (Philo-Sophia = Mazda-Yasna for me, Theo-Sophia = Dev-Ysana)


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