torsdag 12 februari 2009

Sraosha Part 2

I totally agree.
Please note that the second of the three parts in Zarathushtra's formula concerns precisely this issue: Language. We think what we SPEAK what we act.
In other words: The language, the message, the communication, is what unites thoughts with actions, what binds our ethical identity together. So what we speak is or should be in unison with our thoughts and actions as they together form our identity. Communication is not only communication, communication is also that which ties thoughts with actions and thereby MANIFEST the divine in us.
Which is what I would refer to as "the presence of the divine in our lives as a flow". This is what I read into sraosha.

2009/2/12 ztheist

Ushta Alex

Yes it is something like the presence of AM or perhaps of His mind, I
agree. I think that what is basically saying though is that you get
like a communication and that it has to do with the message , not
necessarily the Gathas alone I believe it lso includes the
message/evidence in nature for, at least, Asha and manah standing
behind the reality of what we experience. Its a difficult concept to
grasp, but a very interesting one.

Ushta te

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