måndag 2 februari 2009

Rituals in everyday life

No no no, there are LOTS of rituals in contemporary Zoroastrianism.
The vast majority of them are meditative. Others are social and connected to the festivals.
But then you also have to understand that for example EATING DINNER in connection to the nowruz or tirigan tables is a ritual in Zoroastrianism. Again, you have to look in places where your western eyes are not trained to see the religion in practice. To a Zoroastrian, merely taking a walk in a park is a religious ritual. Therefore, the minimal need for specific rituals-as-rituals-only.

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2009/2/2 Helen Gerth

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Dear Alexander,

Actually, not quite my only reference to be honest...but I do see the difference you are noting....and very much agree...ritual is a focus to bring our mind into a particular state....so the attitude behind it is the most important...but ritual is another whole conversation that doesn't fit here...

I suppose I asked because you made reference to there being some observances in contemporary Zoroastrianism which surprised me as it seemed that one of the significant differences was the lack of ritual...and so I guess I expected there to be few if any beyond the Navjote ceremony...

Ushta te,
Helen :-)

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