måndag 2 februari 2009

Spirits and memories

Dear Kenneth

It is actually historically a common practice in Zoroastrian culture to "celebrate" the departure of the dead ones (as you all know, we do not have any funerals) not when they literally die but rather 70 years later when their "conscious place in the community" has evaporated. So your ideas seem to have a very strong bearing within Zoroastrian culture and tradition.


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2009/2/2 Kenneth Christensen

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I am a student in Anthropology and hope to be an ethnobotanist. So with my studies I am both a religious scholar and a scientist. The reason why I think after we die our spirits live on in people's minds or memories is because, well let me elaborate.

Let us say there is a man named John who would drink everyday. Yet when his mother died he stoped drinking on sunday because he knew should would not be happy.

This right here says a lot about the power of the memories of the once living.

I personally believe that people like Gandhi, Cyrus, Budha, ect have the most powerful spirits (metaphorically speaking) because they so many people revere and remember them.


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