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Functionality, rather than truth

Dear Dina and Dino

Functionality is indeed not subjective, rather it is a scientific term more than anything and as objective as any term will ever be. It is also an at least as good a translation of asha as truth. And Dina, I never said there is no absolute truth, there certainly is, it is called asha (for example, it is absolutely true that there is something rather than nothing etc), but only as long as you stay in nature. However, in the cultural environments of our minds, dependent on a linguistic interpretation of the world, there can be no absolute truths. Mental asha (the patterns of our thinking) is radically different from physical asha (the laws of the universe). Please keep the two apart even if they are both expressions of the same one substance of existence.


2009/2/5 Special Kain

Dear Dina,

Functionality isn't subjective at all. It's just a different concept. When two theories disagree on every important point, but applying both of them leads to intersubjectively testable results, we're dealing with functionality, rather than truth. Because in this sense both theories are "true". And the accumulative process you're describing is exactly what Nietzsche coined as perspectivism, which is far removed from truth (and was heavily criticized when postmodernism and poststructuralism were popular). So we should make a pragmatic decision and replace truth with functionality, and objectivity with intersubjectivity.


--- DINA MCINTYRE schrieb am Do, 5.2.2009:

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Dear Dino,

Possibly because "functionality" is subjective.

I offer friendly disagreement with Alexander and those who think truth is not absolute. In my view, it is our perception of truth that is not absolute -- that is subjective. But as we grow in understanding, our perception of truth becomes more and more accurate, until eventually, truth, and our perception of it, is the same. That is the Zarathushtrian "heaven" -- the House of Good Thinking" -- a state of being that comprehends truth. That is also his notion of the divine -- a state of being that is Wisdom personified, (another way of saying a state of being that comprehends truth).

My two cents.

Wishing us the best,

Dina G. McIntyre.

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