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Asha vs Logos

I believe the crucial point is that WE are PART OF ASHA.
Asha is not something external to us, it is not a pre-set law that we have to abide with and relate to.
We are within asha too, this is the Zoroastrian "freedom". Not a freedom from something, as is the case in western thinking, but a freedom to be part of and get involved with.
This is why mental asha involves our own actions, ethics is all about who you are to yourself, it's about your self-identity. Moralizing ideals (behavior according to preset laws strictly) is alien to Zoroastrian thinking.
To say that something is right because it is right is just sloppy. The proper question to ask when hearing such statements is: "Yesm we know this already, it's a tautology, but do you MEAN with RIGHT?
I'm glad that Dino brought up Heraclitus and "logos". Heraclitus is the Zoroastrian thinker of the ancient Greeks.

2009/2/4 Special Kain
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Dear Parviz,

I agree with Charles Sanders Peirce that metaphysics often is nothing more than debating questions of personal or social taste. There are fads in philosophy. For example, postmodernism hasn't been very popular in the last ten, fifteen years, but I guess that Alexander knows more about fads in contemporary philosophy than I do. He's a philosopher, I'm a sociologist.
So I think that you're somewhat right with your French men discussing wine and cheese. Personally, I favor the Habermasian approach to Asha, even though I'm not a Habermasian. But it would be really interesting to hear Dina's words on the subject, indeed!


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Ushta Dino,

I would like very much to hear what Dina has to say about Asha on all these plains (is it still "That Which Fits"?).
Jafarey says that Asha is doing the right things with the right tools at the right time....and he keeps going on with many more right this and right that, ...to reach the right result; and that is Asha to Jafarey.
This is how a group of large nosed French persons sit around sniffing their vine glasses talking about that perfect vine and the perfect cheese and that perfect mistress wearing the perfect negligee and......... .on and on. I don't think this kind of talk is Philosophy talking.


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