tisdag 6 oktober 2009

Quantum consciousness etc

I was just discussing Hameroff and Penrose on another internet forum yesterday. I have always followed Roger Penrose with enormous interest, especially as he is the leading sceptic towards string theory and instead one of the innovators of quantum loop theory, now the leading route towards a "theory of everything" in Physics. For those with a clue of mathematics, Penrose is always a recommended read!
However, we should note that Hameroff and Penrose have been widely criticized for their theories on quantum consciousness. The perhaps smartest critic of them all is Max Tegmark, the famous Swedish-American physicist who many consider to be the next superstar of Physics (he is already the father of the "Mathematical Universe" theory). If interested, it does pay off to read both sides of the current debate.
Tegmark's critique centers around the fact that quantum effects are so infinitely small and marginal (fast!) that they really should have no effect whatsoever on consciousness. Nature can work very well without such effects to create consciousness, is Tegmark's point.

2009/10/6 Rory

Dear Judy and Zaneta,

Have you heard of Suart Hameroff (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuart_Hameroff)? I am very curious Judy what your thoughts are on his and Sir Roger Penrose' ideas on "quantum conciousness" considering your background.


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