fredag 9 oktober 2009

Cosmology and so on...

Dear Brothers Bahman and Mehran

I agree with Bahman but I would like to stress that this is my BELIEF and not some final knowledge and that I do find Mehran's panentheistic position perfectly credible, prefectly in line with the Gathic teachings too, and that I believe Zoroastrianism has always encompassed both pantheism and panentheism. Zarathushtra himself was most of all CURIOUS about how the world worked and did not propose and insist on any final answers. The Gathas is instead full of creative questions rather than dogmatic answers. We should share his courageous and creative approach towards Existence (as Bahman so correctly calls it) and keep our minds open and our debates free. So cheers to both of you for presenting your views with such flair and enthusiasm!


2009/10/8 Bahman Noruziaan

Hello Mehran,

I tend to beleive that the law of existence (I on purpose do not use the word Universe here, which may refer to all we have found out by direct or indirect observation so far, i.e matter, dark matter, energy, dark energy and so on) is itself part of Ahura Mazda, the law and the lawmaker are one.
About pantheism, I have printed their belief statement and am still processing it.


Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 02:15:53 -0700

Subject: RE: [Ushta] Cosmology and so on

Dear Bahman
1- I did not find anything in your words that is not in agreement with my panenthism point of view.
2- In gAthA, ahoorA mazdA is the begining and the end of world. ahoorA mazdA has created the law of world and then let it to work self-regulatort/autonomic. Making, remaking, cycling recycling and ..... are parts of this law, but ahoorA mazdA is not involved in this progressive process.

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