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Culpability (The Concept of Freedom)

Zarathushtra's point is the order of things:
ATTITUDE comes before decisions. This is precisely why we meditate/celebrate (yasna) as Parviz says on a regular basis, preferrably when we get up in the morning. Personally I prefer to meditate/celebrate during physical exercise since it gives my mind something good to be preoccupied with during the exercise hour (and makes my physical body more fit).
What Zarathushtra understood is that when the important choices occur in our lives, we are programmed to act on them, whether we are prepared or not. And it is this programming we take care to do correctly when we meditate/celebrate. This is what we do as Mazdayasni in our everyday lives.
Thought PRECEDES words, and thoughts to Zarathushtra is not rational thinking (which is actually what we do later with words) but rather the ESTABLISHMENT of an EMOTIONAL PLATFORM from which to speak (and then act).
Freedom in Zoroastrianism is therefore the removal of objections for the correctly set emotional platform to work its way through our words and our actions. This is what I refer to as Zarathushtra's genial ETHICAL ORDER of things.
To live within asha is to organise a constructive mentality towards life from which we then think, speak and act. And Dino is absolutelyu right, what is constructive may change from one moment to the next, it is the ATTITUDE towards doing the right thing which does not change.

2009/11/14 Special Kain

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Dear Rory,

Sure, you're constantly changing, even though some habits are quite persistent - and you can't kill off your genetic dispositions. But if it's not you who's in charge of your future changes, then who is it? You're responsible for the thoughts you have, and the thoughts you think determine the words you speak and the actions you will undertake.

@ wild people: People become people through people. ;-)

Ushta, Dino

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Dear Dino,

Which means constantly examining, educating and recreating ourselves as a process?



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> Dear Rory,
> What once was a brilliantly useful and good solution could easily be today's worst problem. What used to be good can easily become bad if the circumstances have changed. That's why I speak of what's either constructive or destructive in a given context and how our choices will affect other people's lives. The choices we make today determine who we are going to be in the near future. But our scope is quite limited, and since freedom is a process that's always related to intelligence, liberation is about extending the scope of our choices and actions, thus creating new stimulating environments and new identities.
> Ushta, Dino
> --- Rory schrieb am Sa, 14.11.2009:
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> Betreff: [Ushta] Re: Culpability (was: The Concept of Freedom)
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> So is my understanding correct? We are able to make decisions and yes we can choose one thing from another, but we are not forced to judge every decision by whether it is intrinsically good or intrinsically evil and then make exactly the correct decision followed by an examination of conscience and then suffer either euphoria or despair... We can train ourselves and create ourselves to be what our wisdom advises we should be and thus guide our drives and desires towards Haurvatat.
> Ushta,
> Rory

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