tisdag 3 november 2009

The basics of physics - Materia and its attributes

Light exists. But light has no weight. Space exists. Space has no weight. Time exists but time has no weight.
Weight is not needed for something to exist materially. Have you never studied physics at all?
But you totally miss the point here: Wisdom, mind, consciousness are ATTRIBUTES of material things and not things in themselves. Just like the color red for example. Red is an attribute of RED THINGS but it is not a thing in itself. Red has no weight. Red is what we perceive when we observe the lightwaves radiating from a red thing.
I learned these things in ground school when I was eight years old, Mehran!
What did you do? Skip class? It is actually quite embarrassing that you don't understand such basic things as the difference between an object and its attributes.
Cosnciousness is therefore the attribute of the activity of the human brain. Do you want to know what consciousness exists of? Well, look into your own brain.

2009/11/3 MoobedyAr Mehran Gheibi

Dear Alexander
You also jump over the matter simply.
Does wisdom, mind, intelligence, consciousness exist or not?
There is a matrial attribute that is called weight, for example. It is the summation of a material attribute of atomic and sub-atomic particles? Well, from what /which attribute of atomic and sub-atomic particles such attribute of mind is made?

Nik-o shAd bAshid
KhodA negahdAr,
MoobedyAr MehrAn Gheibi.

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Dear Mehran

Dino's very intelligent point is that MIND can not exist as a SOLITARY unit.
In other words: God can not be intelligent unless God has other gods to be intelligent with first.
This is how consciousness comes into existence.
So Dino is merely pointing out another flaw in your logic. You should listen carefully to what he has to say.
Again, I don't see your creator as very intelligent. Ahura Mazda creates all the time, without planning in advance, like a true artist and not as as an architect. This is obvious when you study how things actually work (science).


2009/11/2 MoobedyAr Mehran Gheibi

Dear Dino
Why you jump the matter so easily? Are there wisdom, consciousness, intelligence or not?
Are they spiritual or material? If the are spiritual well my view point would be proved and if they are material, well which atomic, sub-atomic, quantum, process does have such attirbutes?
Is any brick intelligent enough to recognize its best place or a wise constructor upon a paln does make a house?

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