onsdag 23 september 2009

Zoroastrian philosophy and Iranian culture

The trick is of course a second Iranian revolution!
If Iran would finally get democracy proper, it would most definitely come with an immense interest in Zoroastrian philosophy and culture. Parviz and I discussed this length when we met last month in San Francisco.
So the best marketing we could do is actually to present Iran as "the third great Asian culture" besides China and India. Work together with all Iranians in exile! This would renew interest in a philosophy which westerners think THEY invented in the 19th century whereas it has actually existed in Iran for 3,700 years.
Just look at how China and India successfully marketed themselves as "great cultures" in the west. And now Brahmanism and Taoism have millions of follewers globally as a result. We could the same for Z-ism!

2009/9/23 Special Kain

Dear Clint,

I see two problems:
(1) There are only few Zoroastrians.
(2) Zoroastrians are not missionaries. They're not supposed to persuade other people to leave their tribes and join the party.
(3) Madonna hasn't converted to Zoroastrianism yet! (Please feel free to use any international pop star's name, such as Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce Knowles ...) - I'm not kidding, people are attracted to what's considered popular, and international pop stars are supposed to do things that are supposed to be (or become) popular.

But aren't many Zoroastrians successful and wealthy entrepreneurs as compared to denominations?

Ushta, Dino

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Ushta y'all,

Andrew Sullivan had this up on his blog today, and to me I see much opportunity for our most noble and beautiful Religion to grow and blossom:

http://andrewsulliv an.theatlantic. com/the_daily_ dish/2009/ 09/the-coming- age-of-the- nones.html# more

Of course Andrew, being the committed Catholic he is, sees a "new Christianity" that might emerge. Our biggest problem is that NO ONE KNOWS WE'RE HERE, so new Christianities and Unitarianisms and what have you are all anyone has to talk about.

So how do we get a seat at this table? I'm horrible at outreach and PR. Regardless, we still have a LOT of work to do. I see this nascent community as something like Reconstructionist or Reform Judaism, which is a reworking of ancient traditions for a modern era, and in a plurality of vernacular forms in which the local language and culture play a part in the practice, but the ancient roots are right there to behold too.

Oh, and Happy Fall to y'all in the Northern Hemisphere! I hope y'all are decorating your houses and saying prayers on this most auspicious day! I got pumpkins and fall leaves and apples and pork....


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