söndag 20 september 2009

Friends and divinities

Excellent posting, Rory!!!
Well, I guess there are under-deities in Zoroastrianism indeed. Closer than you may think.
WE are supposedly the under-deities here!
That's why our favorite in the Garden of Eden was neither God, Adam nor Eve. We love the snake!

2009/9/19 Rory

Dear Parviz,

If you and Mehran want to talk holes in each other's heads and argue yourselves to a standstill then please do so.
I had two Irish friends in France, both were from Ulster, one was Protestant and the other was Catholic. Both had family members in paramilitary organizations and both were very nationalistic. There was every reason why they should hate each other and they never stopped going at each other from dawn to dusk. They argued agressively and insulted each other incessently. However! They slept in adjacent beds, sat together at meals, and when marching, climbing or whatever, could always be found side by side bitching away (the vocab was truly amazing). After a while I realised they were actually the closest of friends and the insults and arguing were their way of dealing with the differences between them, which were of course massive.
So don't let me stop you. But please do me a favour, Mehran's English isn't the best, so next time someone calls him a "dualist gnome" please help him out with a few retorts such as "monist monkey" or "pantheist plonker" maybe. Then you can get back to torturing each other.
Btw. I'm pretty much sold on the whole Pantheist, Monist, Nietsche, Spinoza shebang and have been for some time (the nefarious Dino has much to do with that). Just been doing my "due dilligence". But just for argument's sake could there not be some "under-deity" in between?



--- In Ushta@yahoogroups.com, Parviz Varjavand wrote:
> Dear Rory,
> I know how boring and below intellectual engagement my never ending arguments with Mehran are. I keep it up because I am hoping that at some point Mehran may learn that his point of view is not the final word in Zoroastrianism. You see, he is actively indoctrinating the Zoroastrian youth in Kerman teaching them that Zoroastriansim is only structured the way he sees it. If I could only introduce an element of doubt in his mind, it may help our religion come out of a one track road it is caught in by our clergy. I already know several of our Moobeds that have got the point and agree with it.
> Parviz

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