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Science is sacred!

Dear Judy

You are very much a Zoroastrian!!!
To begin with, Zoroastrians are obsessed with science since science is the constant revelation of the magic of the universe which we love and hold sacred. Science and knowledge do not scare us, because it is our belief that whatever science can teach us and prove to us is then to be held sacred by us.
Personally, I prefer to separate Ahura and Mazda (like Zarathushtra himself did and as Parviz Varjavand has proposed we should do), when you speak of Ahura Mazda you probably mean Ahura. The Mazda part is better used reserved for the phenomenon of consciousness. Ahura is the physical world, as it is, whatever it is. The Pantheism of Z'ism, definitely.
As for Mehran's questions, I frankly don't understand them, I believe you have made your points clearly and logically. I don't understand what the trouble is to Mehran, perhaps he can explain, perhaps not.


2009/9/29 Judy Weismonger

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I just found one of Alexander Bard's writings from a little while back....in which he alludes to the discussion of what the Ahura Mazda is....and subatomic particles....therefore, in what I understand the Lord of Light to be...without any instruction from any Zoroastrian, I am on the right track. Why? Because it makes sense and its logical.....and if the mind insists on logic...then it will come to a logical conclusion.....Yipppeeee.....Ushta Hugs, Judy
den 13 september 2008
Ahura Mazda and the God word (The Dance of Shiva and subatomic particles etc)
Dear Yezad

Very good points!
In addition, please note that in the debate on whether God can exist or not, there is also always a THIRD position which is unfortunately often ignored:
This position is that whether God can exist or not clearly depends on what we MEAN with the term God.
Different religions not only believe that God is different (Allah clearly has different characteristics than the Christian God or the Jewish Jehovah or the Brahmanist Brahman etc) but they also have radically different ideas of what the word God means.
As Zoroastrians, we ALL believe in the existence of Ahura Mazda. We just have different ideas of what Ahura Mazda IS. Some people seem to think that Ahura Mazda is identical with Allah (although Allah was invented som 2,000 years after Ahura Mazda), probably because they have grown up in societies dominated by Islam and are too eager to please the Muslims by not being too differen from them. Others seem to think that Ahura Mazda is identical with the Christian God, because they have grown up in largely Christian societies (although the Christian God was invented at least 1,700 years after Ahura Mazda, again not really making any sense).
Both such beliefs are of course completely off the mark.
Ahura Mazda is not God in any of these senses. Maybe it is then better to say that Ahura Mazda is not God at all? I believe this is what Parviz Varjavand has suggested and I totally support him. Maybe it is just better and fairer to say that Ahura Mazda is Ahura Mazda and that's it?
So we can then skip the God word altogether and discuss what our beloved Ahura Mazda is. And provoke our surroundings and make them MORE interested in our faith.
I hate to see Zoroastrianism understood as an INFERIOR religion to Islam and Christianity. So why not then provoke them and say that: Ahura Mazda is what exists (actually by its very definition), you can have your God or gods but we could not care less. As long as we pretend that we share THEIR gods they will always look down on us as primitive and inferior.
And that's of course utterly wrong. If anybody should lay claim to the popular term "Eastern wisdom", then why not us?


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masterymistery sa...

Hi Alexander, very interesting blog, but I don't understand the connection between pantheism and zoroastrianism. Which is strange, because I write a lot about both topics in my blog. Anyway, enjoyed reading your ideas,.

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