tisdag 17 juli 2012

Experience vs Reality: The differences in quality between fantasies

No, the experiences alone are not an end in themselves. The experiences are only of value to you if you can live with them aftwards and place them within a FUNCTIONING CONTEXT as Zarathushtra did. Which is precisely why hallucinations are hallucinations and not qualitative fantasies that you can USE. Hallucinations are not of much help when you're going to ride what you perceive the be a bicycle. But they can be highly enjoyable nevertheless. But only as hallucinations. Ushta Alexander 2012/7/17 Kenneth Christensen Ushta, Would it be in line with Asha if I were to say that the only thing I know is my experience and my observations? I am open to all possibilities but I think beliefs should be done away with and replaced with direct experience. I do not believe Jesus is alive because he has not come to my door and said "You are following the wrong religion, come follow me." All too often the wacko American evangelicals (who in my opinion are the most irrational Christians of them all) telling me that by them giving me Christ's message he is revealing himself to me. But no. The person preaching to me is revealing himself to me and not Jesus. Yes, I know you can quote a book, but what is YOUR experience? I do ascribe to the mystical (mysteries) because that is what I experience. I definitely know that there is a power of the mind to do awesome things. Why because I experienced it. I had an anxiety tick earlier in the year. I did some deep meditation and started sending thoughts of love to my left arm (where the tick was) and after the meditation the tick was gone. I see nothing supernatural about it. It's an issue of the mind and it's power to heal. This is experience though, not belief. Kenneth

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