fredag 15 juli 2011

Zarathushtra, Spinoza, Nietzsche

It would be great if there was more literature around but coming from a person who insists that Zoroastrianism is (correctly) NOT a faith of a book, I'm quite baffled to hear you demand more literature as a CONDITION for proper conversion. Have you become Ali Jafarey all of a sudden? Counting souls rather than being concerned with people LIVING Mazdayasni lives? Personally I recommend people to read Spinoza and Nietzsche and then practice their teachings after which they will be good Zoroastrians. In addition to the good old "Gathas" of course. Seems to work pretty well, I must say.


2011/7/15 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Alex,

Please help me see what it is that these persons converting are converting to!
There must be some literature somewhere that is deep enough for someone to read and want to convert to, where is that literature? Don't run away from what I am asking by saying "read your Gatha, it is all there". That answer is like "read your bible, it is all there", it is a cop out. Thanks for using the word "puke" while referring to what I try to express! I will not stoop as low as you while trying to express what I think of your writings.


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