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Overcoming relativism

Correct! This is a philosophy of "action" rather than "observation", again, this is why we speak of "process philosophy".
I would refer to this as "The Overcoming of Relativism". As in overcoming nihilism etc.
Coming from cultures embedded in Abrahamic thought, this is what we have to proceed with and battle against. Zarathushtra meets us at the other end, as the original pragmatist PRIOR to the development of dualist, hierarchical Abrahamic and later post-Abrahamic thought. Showing us and proving that none of that was ever needed.


2011/7/26 Special Kain

So affirmative nihilism would be the liberal ironist's worldview that is based on the belief that no vocabulary (theory, religious faith) is objectively superior to other vocabularies, but that the MULTITUDE of vocabularies is in itself sacred.
What Zarathushtra and the pragmatists can teach us and our contemporaries is how to avoid RELATIVISM. It is so fascinating that Zarathushtra never speaks about the past in The Gathas. He is only interested in THE FUTURE. And this is where our words and actions have their consequences. It is the outcomes of our words and actions that eventually smash relativism. People just need a broader perspective, because from their point of view all values are relative in an utterly relativistic sense: their values relate to outdated institutions such as the nuclear family and nationalism.


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Yes, you're absolutely correct.

In my books with Jan Söderqvist, I have even differentiated between THREE forms of nihilism post-Nietzsche: Naive niihlism (I am not consciously aware that I no longer believe in objective truth), cynical nihilism (I am aware that I no longer believe in objective truth but I still BEHAVE as if I did) and affirmative nihilism (I have overcome the mere idea of objective truth and endear myself to subjective including inter-subjectice truths instead).
Zarathushtra is of course already at Step 3 since he never had to deal with Abrahamic faiths and go through the first two. ;-)

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