måndag 25 juli 2011

Sanskrit and Avesta

German is not older than the Scandinavian languages. They share the same roots but modern German was actually constructed in the 19th century. It is if anything a very young language. And the Scandinavian languages are the written versions of the far older spoken dialects of Old Norse. All these tongues have their roots in ur-Germanic. The same goes for Avesta and Sanskrit, one is not older than the other. Yes, Indian philosophy is similar to Iranian, Brahmanism is similar to Zoroastrianism. But Brahmanism has a Buddhist influence coming from the idea of suffering as primary. And it also has influences from Dravidian thought, for example reincarnation, which is completely lacking in Zarathushtra's philosophy.

2011/7/25 Daniel Samani
Dear friends,

Thank you for your informetive posts! But what does this tells us in regards to process philosofy and nomadism does Indian and perhaps even Africa have similar examples of tought?

What I have heard Sansikrit is older then Avestan - just as German is older then the Scandinavian languages.


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