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The Secrecy of The Mithraeum

Dear Praviz

I always answer your questions as best I can.
I answered you that The Bull symbolised Nature and Being (while Mithras stands for Culture and Mind). This is the primary DUALITY (not dualism) of our existence. So The Tauroctony is The Act where these two meet.
The slaying of the bull is both instantly possible and still impossible, which is why it has to repeated. To REMIND us of the conditions of our existence and celebrate them.
Yes, secrecy can be a problem. But I firmly believe in our day and age that Exposure kills Sanctity. I will never allow any TV cameras inside the mithraeum. Just like good priests do not allow microphones and eavesdropping during Confession.
The Closed Room of The Community has to be restored.


2010/9/22 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Alex,

In philosophy, some things that we say can have very bad results and some other things can have very good results. When a number of people gather in secret, the first supposition that crosses minds is that they are gathering thus to do or plot something bad. Zoroastrians say that good likes light and bad likes darkness, there is something basic going on here.

You said that the bullfight is a Mithraic ritual. I asked you, "what does the bull symbolize here?" You did not answer me. This may be one of your secrets, but this question has a bad answer and a good answer. When you keep your answer a secret, it is natural that I will assume that your answere must be the bad one. I grant you that most of the time "Good" can be boring while "Bad" can be fascinating. But please have a more sophisticated reason for not calling your self a Zoroastrian after all the hard work you did to join this barsam than some of us doing boring things. Why should you care what some Zoroastrians say or do if as you have said many times, you joined it for its philosophy and not the unbecoming behavior of some of its adherents. Your statements about leaving us are a huge blow to those who are for conversion because those who are against it will sneaker and say "Didn't we tell you, all this was nothing but a game for persons like Alex, shame on those who performed his sedrepooshi and belittled our sacred rituals".

Other than that "Can I join Mithraism? Can i? Can I?" "Do I have to kill a bull or something to join?". Yes, I am fascinated by where you want to go and this may be why I am bothering you, same as when I bothered Jafarey. I was fascinated by where Jafarey wanted to go, I just bothered him so that he would pay more attention to the pitfalls of the road, like making Ronald a spokesperson of his ideas. I was fascinated by the Farahmand brothers, but they could not tolerate any chriticism. They left, but I wish they had stayed.


--- On Tue, 9/21/10, Alexander Bard wrote:

From: Alexander Bard
Subject: Re: [Ushta] Mithraism before Government and Society
To: Ushta@yahoogroups.com
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 11:33 AM

There is nothing childish at all all about having secret societies.

I don't have sex in public, why should I then perform my religious rituals in public, when they are even more honest and personal and intimate?
The public arena is overrated and people are controlled by governments and corporations precisely by being too public about what they do.
This is why Mithraism is so desperately needed today!

2010/9/21 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Dino,

Playing childish games of having secret gatherings and this and that (more that than this!!??) is one thing and having a system for facilitating deep thinking for the seeking novices is another thing. I have followed Nabarz for many years now and he is a very decent person doing work that he feels is good and he does it from the depths of his heart and soul under the Mithraic brand. But for me, his work does not add up to anything worth learning and teaching to children or those you love. Religion is a heritage you feel is very valuable and that you want to teach it to your children and grand children so that it stays around for a very long time to come. You and Alex talk as if deep thinking is something like the fashion of how the ladies wear their skirts, short one year and long the next. There is a lot of money in Fashion and you have to be very secretive about what you are designing so that when it comes out, it would be the "Latest Rage". But this is not how Philosophy works. Are we looking for a great philosophy to live by or some ways to be cute and fashionable for a few moments of attracting attention to ourselves?


--- On Tue, 9/21/10, Special Kain wrote:

From: Special Kain
Subject: Re: [Ushta] Mithraism before Government and Society
To: Ushta@yahoogroups.com
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 9:22 AM

Dear Parviz
Most - if not all - occultist secret societies I know are in deep, deep trouble. The church, the media and the government have joined their forces to destroy them. All Thelema communities in Germany are being attacked on a regular basis. And they're all complaining.
But that's just silly self-victimization. They should have hired a skilled and experienced PR consultant and a terribly depraved and combative lawyer MANY YEARS AGO, and things wouldn't look as bad.
Also, it is a different situation. Occultist secret societies being persecuted in our democratic nation states versus neo-Mithraist secret communities being built and expanded in an increasingly networked and post-nationalist global society that is governed by totally different laws.


--- Parviz Varjavand schrieb am Di, 21.9.2010:

Von: Parviz Varjavand
Betreff: Re: [Ushta] Mithraism before Government and Society
An: Ushta@yahoogroups.com
Datum: Dienstag, 21. September, 2010 17:51 Uhr

Dear Alex, count me out,

I like to walk in the sunlight and have no secrets from anybody. Also, my love is for "Mithra-Anahit" and more for Anahita than Mithra. My true religion can be described more as Zurvanism as both Mithra and Anahita are born of Zurvan, Zurvan comes first and is Akarna meaning it has no "Shores" or "Boundaries". Later Zurvan Akarna becomes Zurvan Darghoo-xodata or Zuvan the self-created (Xoda) and out of this stage of Zurvan, Mehr and Nahid come out as the Male and Female forces that operate throughout creation. Zurvan is Ahoura or "That which IS" and has nothing more than its "IS' ness"; the very start of creation. Mithra and Anahitha come next and the dance of positive and negative forces begins. Mazda developes much much later and when Thinking becomes possible out of this Zurvani or Ahouraic begining and Mithra and Anahita dancing and dancing together for a very long time in order to give birth to the Mind.

Good luck Alex, the great artist of the Mind (Mazda).

--- On Tue, 9/21/10, Alexander Bard wrote:

From: Alexander Bard
Subject: [Ushta] Mithraism before Government and Society
To: Ushta@yahoogroups.com
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 8:11 AM


Can you imagine how fast such a Mithraic cult would spread compared to the bland and whitewashed form of Sunday morning Zoroastrianism that Ali Jafarey & Co have propagated?
The first paragraph of the Mithraic ethos is of course that Mithraism in itself is the ultimate law and must go before any government's rules and regulations.
Offensive? Yes! And that is precisely the point!

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Flera liv, Flera jag. EN Illusion.


Det som ska möta mig är jag och det som spelas upp omkring mig är mitt..

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