måndag 20 september 2010

Mithraism as opposed to the Book Religions Part 2

Yes, Mithraism was definitely more about Art than Text.
It was about creating a spiritual bond within The Community more than anything else. Parviz has written extensively about it here before. A spiritual bond which is far stronger and more transgressive than say a regular Zoroastrian prayer gathering (which I fidn rather lacking bu comparison).
Since we live in the new Roman Empire today (or rather now The Global Empire that I write about in my next book which is out in English next year, also with a chapter devioted to Mithraism), then we also have the need to respond to the Power of the Empire by pursuing a closeted religious practice such as Mithraism.
I believe people are already doing it, in various online and artistc communities. They just don't have a name for it yet. That's what we need to provide.
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2010/9/20 Special Kain

So do you think that Mithraism is less about philosophy and more about art?
What do we know about the occultist secret societies performing rituals in those caves?
Would contemporary Mithraism look like art movements? Where the artists would strictly and persistently turn their lives into works of art - TO LIVE art and aesthetics rather than discuss it?
Oh, that would be me more than ten years ago. When I was a teenager and decided to combine The Artist with The Work of Art! Something that I have been pursuing ever since.


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