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Mithraism before Government and Society Part 2

Dear Syn

We need to realize what times we are living in.
This is the age of the internet! People are exposing themselves everywhere, to complete strangers! This is the age of narcissism. It is precisely as an OPPONENT to all such trends that we need to go Mithraic.
Zoroastrianism may have provided a universalist philosophy for us. We believe in the actual existence of Ahura Mazda, Mithras and The Bull are merely symbols.
But when we take Ahura Mazda into the Mithraic Artistic Landscape, THEN we really are on to something big. Something that is already happening around us.
What we need to do however is to take the IRONY out of roleplaying and make it dead serious. This is when we go from Neopaganism to genuine Neomithraism.


2010/9/21 Syn

>>>--- In Ushta@yahoogroups.com, Special Kain wrote:Most - if not all - occultist secret societies I know are in deep, deep trouble. The church, the media and the government have joined their forces to destroy them...Occultist secret societies being persecuted in our democratic nation states versus neo-Mithraist secret communities being built and expanded in an increasingly networked and post-nationalist global society that is governed by totally different laws.---<<<

Hello Dino

Though I appreciate your occultic comparison with certain elements of Mithraism, I would perhaps suggest that most religions are 'occult' in the sense that there are elements within all religions that are 'secret' [perhaps a better word would be 'private'] to those not members of that particular org. or community. I personaly dont think Mithraism is realy any more occult ['secret'/'private'] than any other group or faith, especialy those that have an outer and/or an inner court of teaching.

No organisation is completely open to those who are not members, not the CofE, the Catholic Church and its many subsidary communities or traditional Zoroastrianism with it's heirarchy of priests etc. What is there about the basic beliefs of Mithraism that need to remain secret/private? none in my opinion, thus any comparison with organisations such as Wica [which is not realy that 'occult' either - even though it tries to be] or the Masons is perhaps a bit moot - Satanism and Thelema certainly does'nt pretend to be a secret org either.

Some orgs like to label themselves 'occult' to appear so very mysterious, to attract interest, yet nothing is realy that 'secret' to those willing to look more deeply into whatever group or faith they have an interest in. However if like Rastafarianism that uses illegal drugs in its ritual Eucharist then I suppose there is then reason to remain a bit private/secret. Religious beliefs do not always correspond exactly with the wider society around it and thus it would only be practical to remain careful, even Islam which is a major world faith has a major tenet of deception, called taqiyya, which it is always willing to employ if it benefits Islam and Muslims.

In Light Warmth and Colour


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