onsdag 10 februari 2010

Zoroastrian kids on You Tube

I agree 100% with Dino.
This is why Nietzsche's "amor fati" is a much more Zoroastrian motto than the deceitfulness of "positive thinking". The "constructive thinking" of Zarathushtra is honest and straight-forward and open and tolerant and self-critical, but it is neither positive nor negative but rather neutral in that regard.
But always nice with cute kids doing their best on You Tube! We need more of that.

2010/2/10 Special Kain

Dear Bahman

It's really cute!!! It's great to see young kids being creative and smart! Because their minds are the future.
But what's less good is the fact that Zarathushtra's motto is often mixed up with that dreadful doctrine of "positive thinking". That kid's video has just reminded me of the North American cult following where people who think critically and voice their concerns are being sacked - only because they allegedly have spoiled the company's working atmosphere.
That's why we have to teach the world that our motto is not about good or positive thoughts, but about constructive thoughts leading to constructive words leading to constructive deeds - and that there's a huge difference between "positive thinking" (self-deceit) and a constructive mentality that starts with being brutally honest with ourselves and taking this as our starting point when making the wisest choice possible.
"Positive thinking" usually makes everything worse, Zarathushtra's motto is totally devoted to wisdom, creativity and smart decisions. It would be smart and wise to reject that doctrine of "positive thinking".


--- Bahman Noruziaan schrieb am Mi, 10.2.2010:

Von: Bahman Noruziaan
Betreff: [Ushta] Zoroastrianism from a youth's point of view
An: "mainstream main" , "Mazdayasna Mazdayasna" , "Ushta Ushta"

This is a youth's view of Zoroastrianism. It is nice I think.

http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=r2q6IdKWA64

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