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Tano Pasino (not an Italian Bistro !)

Charles Darwin would say that we evolve into a DIFFERENT kind of being from what we have been. Always and constantly. But he would never be so stupid as to say that we evolve into a BETTER kind of being.
The whole idea that there is a hieracrhy between suprior and inferior beings smacks of Plato and Abrahamism. The whole point with Zarathushtra's philosophy is instead to train us to NOT think in terms of hierarchy. There are no better or worse creatures in creation. And there never will be.
That is precisely why ALL of creation is sacred in Zoroastrianism.
Alexander/perfectly happy to keep my current body and "the sins" within it too...

2010/2/24 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Ardeshir,

It would be very nice of you to point out my mistakes, I would love to learn from you.
Yes, according to Darwin, we would evolve to a differant creature some day not very soon, but it would not be along the lines of sheding our flesh and become a Tano Pasino kind of creature made of light and free of the sin's of the body. Darwin's kind of science is the kind I belive in but I know that you belive in new frontiers of noetic-science where we will soon be able to see the Jinns by wearing a special kind of glasses or becomes creatures of pure light by shedding our flesh and its sins.

Your friend,
Parviz Varjavand

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Dear Parviz,

charles darwin probably would probably agree that man's evolution is NOT final, we will evolve into a better, more advanced specie in the future, hopefully. i am always amazed at ur sense of humor and ur remarkable ability to TWIST things so masterfully around.



On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 8:24 PM, Parviz Varjavand wrote:

Buyer beware.

So far we have Ervad Pervez D. Mithaiwala teaching us that: >>"... a Zerthosti Rawaan segregates in two parts, say A and B. Part A – a set of three and B comprising of nine, are better known as Rawaan of KSHNAOTHRA AHURAHE MAZADAAO ( Male child) and SPENTA ARMAITY (Female child)respectively. On its yet downward trend, Rawaan of Part A involves itself in constant utterance of “KSHNAOTHRA AHURAHE MAZADAAO”, meaning Glory be Yours, AHURAMAZDA. The moment recitation of this prolific prayer ceases, forces of evil attempt vehement attack but at this juncture, Rawaan of other part B, Spentaa Armaity rushes to its rescue and absorbs the brunt. Whereas the Rawaan of part A enters body of a child in male form, that of B in female physique (Part B). On releasing itself from influence of Burjis Aasmaan, i.e.on achieving state of adolescence, the ugly aura absorbed at instance of bearing brunt, is unleashed in form of menses."<<

We also have the Tano Pasino teaching where Ardeshir Farahmand tells us that: >>"There will be a wonderful transformation of matter, a new and transformed physical body marked by lightness, amazing adaptability, plasticity and luminosity. The new physical will be full of consciousness/ minoo which will drive out all that interia and incapacity which makes matter a drag on the mind/spirit. The bodily transformation will be the culmination of the spiritual rebirth and --adding one more amazing step to the ladder of eternal progress."<<

If you are clever, you will see that the two teachings are the two sides of the same coin and teachings of Mani where the spiritual and the material are considered separate, one dark and bad and ugly like menses blood, the other full of light and luminosity and withought any imperfection, like the Minoo of Ahura Mazda which originally made the world perfect before an afflicted Man brought Sin into it.

Mazdeism or the version of Mazda-yasna I teach is free of such Dark-Light preocupations. Ardeshir calls me a Marxist; if I am one, then Charles Darwin is a Marxist too. (Curse be on Charles Darwin for opening our eyes!)

Mehr Afzoon,
Parviz Varjavand

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