fredag 3 juli 2009

Zarathushtra The Magi vs Zoroaster The Magician

Dear Iris

The Greeks turned Zarathushtra (a brilliant philosopher) into Zoroaster (a hocus-pocus wizard from the exotic east). The desire was to make Persians look stupid and irrational.
Zoroastrianism has suffered from this lie ever since. The word "magi" meaning an intelligent thinking pries-philosopher has in Western tongues been turned in the degrading "magician".
So you will soon discover that there is a deep mistrust in the Z community towards attempts from Westerners to turn Zaratushtra into a "mysical magician" or anything even resembling that.
But a transrationalist "mysticism" WITHIN Zarathushtra's understanding of the world as both Science and Art (but not hocus-pocus), sure, go ahead, many Mazdayasni are developing that, I'm all for it!
But then take yourself as inspiration, leave the guy in The Gathas with HIS own words and deeds.


2009/7/1 irisfilpot


>>A rationalist mysticism<<

I think Zartuch, Zoroaster, Mr. Z was doing that. I don't think there is major writings on it because mysticism was status quo at his time. Why would anyone write down the obvious? What he was bringing was rationality which then let's mysticism not range into the artifical and bizarre.

--- In, Alexander Bard wrote:
> Dear Iris
> If you want to call this mysticism, THEN Zoroastrianism certainly has a
> mysticism.
> This is all fine with us, but here the word "mysticism" and also
> "illumination" seems to have been applied onto something which is rarely
> referred to as mystic or illuminating anywhere else.
> But her, why not develop a Zoroastrian mysticism according to these ideas? A
> rationalist mysticism? I'm all for it, it's creative!!!
> Ushta
> Alexander
> 2009/7/1 irisfilpot

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> > Hi
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> > Do you all disagree with this article?
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