söndag 12 juli 2009

Life is sacred - and does not need spirituality!

Dear Mehran

I actually believe Parviz is a lot lot smarter than you give him credit for.
The problem with your worldview is not so much that you insist on a soul separate from the body despite the fact that you can't prove that it exists (even less tell us why we would need it to begin with).
The problem is your concept of "spiritual life".
What if there is just life? What if there is no spiritual life besides life? What if life is just life and we sometimes experience life as spiritual and sometimes as if it isn't, but that it is all allong the very same life?
You see, you're trying to introduce a spiritual life that is SUPERIOR to all other forms of life.
But this is where we have to stop you in your tracks and protest. Because there is no such ideas of a spiritual life superior to all other forms of life in Zoroastrianism. That is a Muslim and not a Zoroastrian idea.
Do you follow me?
To us, LIfe is sacred, be it inside a television or a human body, that does not matter. Life is sacred!


2009/7/11 MoobedyAr Mehran Gheibi
- Dölj citerad text -

Dear Parviz
The thing that you are trying to explain by the example of T.V., is called ahoo or jAn, it is not spiritual life (maiinyoo).
Dear Parviz playing tricky play with words does not solve your proble, If you have any please give some logical question.

Nik-o shAd bAshid
KhodA negahdAr,
MoobedyAr MehrAn Gheibi.

--- On Sat, 7/11/09, Parviz Varjavand wrote:

From: Parviz Varjavand
Subject: [Ushta] Afterlife of a television
To: ushta@yahoogroups.com
Date: Saturday, July 11, 2009, 9:55 AM

I once watched a television die and it was a gruesome experience. I knew the television had problems and several TV repair persons had told me what the problems with it were, but the damn thing was alive and showing me pictures just before it died on me. Then BANG, the damn thing died on me and refused to show me pictures anymore. The same exact television was there and looked exactly like the live one that was working one second ago right before my eyes, but it was dead now.

I lifted my hands to the skies and cried, "O, where have you gone my dear television". "I hope that they have put your soul that is not with its body anymore in the Tane-passin of another wonderful television set in that afterlife area that televisions go to when they die". After crying a lot and asking such questions, I got used to the idea that my television was dead and took it to the dumps.


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John Perkins sa...

What is your definition of sacred, and do you beleive that there is more to man than other naimals? Do you beleive all animals have souls?

liebera sa...

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liebera sa...

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