torsdag 25 december 2008

Zoroastrians don't believe in sin!

Haha, Shirin and Cyrus are amazing!!!
They haven't understood anything we write.
Of course there is a lot of evil in this world. Nobody ever denied that. Homophobia is one such thing.
Which means that there is apparently quite a lot of evil going on inside certain Parsi minds too. ;-)
However, evil and sin are not the same things. And while evil is often mentioned by Zarathushtra in The Gathas, sin is not mentioned, not even once. Zarathushra considered the concept of sin completely meaningless (I'm glad though that I can say I agree with Shirin that there is of course no original sin in Zoroastrianism; actually there is no concept of sin at all).
If Shirin wants to insist that PARSI Zoroastrianism is an ethnic, homophobic, racist religion, then this is her prerogative. I'm not a Parsi. I'm a European Zoroastrian and I have been welcomed precisely as such by the Council of Mobeds in Tehran to the Mazdayasna religion. And neither Shirin nor Cyrus speak for the IRANI Zoroastrians. The Iranis can make up their own minds who they wish to welcome to their Zoroastrian religion.
Isn't the ultimate irony here that Shirin is sorry about Zaneta not being welcomed to the Zoroastrian religion while keeping her Christian faith? But wait a second, didn't Shirin just say that nobody was welcome to her dying religion, IN ANY CASE?
Well, there you go... This is madness mayhem.

2008/12/24 Parviz Varjavand
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Subject: Re: [MainstreamZoroastrians] Zoroastrians don't believe in SIN !!!
To:, "Ahunaver" ,
Cc: "Shirin J. Mistry" , "Zaneta Garratt"
Date: Wednesday, December 24, 2008, 6:20 AM

IMHO, these guys are total lowlife, scumbag, idiots looking for a way out to salve their souls for all the sins they commit.

Zoroastrianism is known for its principals of Good v/s Evil...Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds!!!

So, where does a self professed deviant, bi-sexual, street prostitute fit into all this?

Where do the Brazil Comunidade Asha deviant sex camps with deaths/sickness of its leaders by AIDS fit into all this?

IMHO - Lies, deceit and deformation of a great religion are the order of the day for these Jafarey Cult thugs.


Cyrus Bulsara


-------------- Original message from "Shirin J. Mistry" : --------------

Thank God that there is no direct line from Bard's lips to Ahura Mazda's ears!

There is no concept of "salvation" in Zoroastrianism at all. We do not need to be saved. So if you are looking for "salvation" and honestly believe that you need it, you should stay with Christianity. Zoroastrianism is not for you in that case. Since Zoroastrians do not believe in sin, we do not need any salvation.

This genius must have rewritten the entire Avesta to have arrived at these conclusions - OR may be they have arrived at nothing more than self-delusion!

The world's most learned academics accept the fact that Zoroastrianism introduced the concept of Salvation of the soul to the rest of the religions that belive in it!

Not so, according to moRon and Bard and all of their CONverted ilk!

So poor dear Zaneta is invited to stick to Christianity as if it was that Faith that first revealed such a concept to the world! I am sure her own knowledge garnered over years of study will be making her wonder about what den of iniquity she has wandered into with these daffjus!

We do not need to be saved.
So says the one person who needs Salvation more than most on his list! Actually some of them may even need to be saved from his uneducated pronouncements, since ignorance is ahriman's weapon of choice!

Zoroastrianism is not for you in that case.
Zoroastrianism is an ethnic religion and has always been meant for those who are Parsi-Irani- Iranian Zoroastrians ONLY! There is no question of "Choosing" to belong to it after one's birth if one is not born a Mazdayasni to Mazdayasni Zarathoshti parents!

The only choice Zoroastrianism allows its adherents is an ethical one - of choosing to be good or not WITH CONSEQUENCES SPELT OUT FROM THE START! Once the idea of justice / consequences is accepted/understood , (usually by the time our own children are initiated into our religion by the performance of a navjote ceremony) evil comes to those who are evil and good to those who are good! There is no choice in that result! The very idea of weighing one's good deeds against the bad ones at Chinvat would make no sense otherwise! Again remember, nobody else is ever going to be blamed for your mistakes - or take upon himself the burdens of your sins - or die on your behalf so you can go to Heaven! The very idea of passing the buck would be anathema to a true blue!

Indeed you are your own salvation! And in this again Asho Zarathushtra was far beyond the concepts of his own times - where the poor and downtrodden, where the womenfolk and where all children too were in a position to enjoy an afterlife according to the Truths by which they had lived and the Divine Justice that all humankind would always receive at the end of their lives on earth!

Always remember that your deeds dictate your destiny!

There is NO concept of Original Sin as in Christianity where God has to sacrifice His own son thanks to Adam and Eve and the apple and the serpent and disobeying God's laws! We were never thrown out of any Garden of Eden because we disobeyed anybody! In fact we choose to incarnate to come to earth in physical form and help destroy all the evil that has imposed itself on God's good creations and help make it back into the beautiful place He had made! So we are urged to strive to make a Heaven as it was on earth! - a place of immense beauty and peace and happiness! Paradise, after all is a Persian word for a beautiful garden and the House of Song, sings its own explanation!


Misguiding folks is the badge of all these daffus! So why should anybody be surprised by this latest utter drivel?

Since Zoroastrians do not believe in sin, we do not need any salvation.
One thing is certain that with beliefs like this Alexander Bard himself may land up as the third who will NEVER gain Salvation in the august company of such creatures as Azidhaka and Alexander, the Accursed - the numbers may be growing with the likes of ahrimanali!

No wonder those poor folks in Brazil have been misled into believing that Zoroastrianism accepts homosexuality when ity couldn't be more condemning of it! No wonder AIDS is decimating their numbers already! For somebody who used to be a male prostitute in Germany according to the Sounds of Sweden site, his convoluted concept of Zoroastrianism must be helping him to sleep at night! No wonder then that for most of these idiots, Zoroastrianism then becomes a religion of convenience rather than one of conviction! And his trying to convince anybody by such falsehoods is going to destroy him finally!

Why do you all think jaffu has rejected the Vendidaad except that his lieutenant in Europe is well known to be a sexual deviant and all of Sweden knows it! So get rid of everything that is proving to be inconvenient to the daffus and then keep spreading the canards that suit their own lifestyles!

So rape, steal, lie, cheat, loot. deform, distort, kill and destroy - and all's well with their present world!

The Latter Avesta does appear to make the same claims, when it states : "Asha is the only path all other paths are no paths at all"
Now we have moRon at his best!

Does he really think that an ethics based religion is going to state otherwise? ASHA is Righteousness - there is no other path to salvation except trodding on it!

ASHA is not the exclusive purview of Zoroastrianism only! No real religion has ever taught that being evil is great! EVERY human being has that choice to make - be good or bad BUT always be aware that it is in your hands and on your head once you reach the age of discretion!

Exclusivity lies at the doors of those who claim that their religion is the only way to Heaven - basically as the Christians and the Mussalmans do! We, Zoroastrians never claim that Heaven is only open to Zoroastrians! Our concept is inclusive of ALL human beings who are good and therefore RIGHTEOUS!

If that simple a concept is beyond moRon's grasp ,I feel he has been aptly nicknamed!


Yazdaan Panaah Baad!

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