måndag 8 december 2008

The Third Path

Dear Parviz

I would be happy to add that you can include both Indian Brahmanism (rather than Hinduism) and Chinese Daoism in this work too. It is not so much a western third form of Zoroastrianism we are discussiing as a re-discovery of what Zoroastrianism could be if for example Zarathushtra and Cyrus The Great would have been alive today, knowing what we know about the world. A truly global Zoroastrianism!


2008/12/8 Parviz Varjavand

The third path of Zoroastrianism.

Dear friends,

I feel that we are going to end up with three version of Zoroastrianism; an Indian version influenced by Hinduism, an Iranian version influenced by Abrahamic and Manichean religions of the Middle East, and a Western version influenced by the great Western philosophers concerned with the ideals of freedom of man and the rights of the individual.

Religion in the West is not under the sway of Western thoughts, it is under the sway of the three sister religions from the Middle East. Baha'ism is nothing but an extension of the three sisters and not an improvement on them either. Zoroastrianism is a very real fresh choice, but not the Indian or the Persian version of it. If Mithraism was still alive, that would have been the best option to choose, but since enough of Mithraism is still alive in Zoroastrianism, we can benefit from what can be rescued there. So much of Mithraism lives in Christianity that is uncanny, but Manichean has perverted it so that it would be very hard to rescue any wholesome part of it out of Christianity. Christmas is a totally Mithraic celebration and that is one holiday we can rescue from Christianity.

The Zoroastrians who came to the West from the greater Persia and India brought with them their versions of Zoroastrianism. No wonder a fight broke up between them on the onset. They can not get along with one another and the culture of West should wash its hands off both versions and construct its own version of the religion. Zoroastrianism of the Monist Mind-Celebrating variety is very compatible with the best of Western thought and the great Western philosophers were very aware of this. If Nietzsche had the Internet at his disposal, he would have reconstructed the religion as it should have been. Now it is for us to complete this task and offer man a version of the Zoroastrian religion that would be a joy for his rational mind to celebrate.

Parviz Varjavand

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