onsdag 10 december 2008

Religion of celebration, philosophy of joy

Dear Parviz and friends

When Baruch Spinoza was asked in the 17th century how he would describe his philosophy, he described it as the philosophy of "joy". When Zarathushtra was asked 3,300 years before Spinoza how he would describe his religion, he described as the religion of "celebration". As you all know, I have always argued that Zoroastrianism and Spinozism are one and the same ideology, religion, philosophy. So I agree wholeheartedly with Parviz, as would Zarathushtra and Spinoza themselves have done.


2008/12/9 Parviz Varjavand

Dear members of the Ushta family,

I would like to remind Alex and Dino the importance of two factors in our quest, that of Nomenclature and that of Geography. The geography of the greater Iran and the Middle East is that of intolerance. Cyrus was an exception, the inhabitants of this region have intolerance drummed so deep into them that it has become part of their persona one would think. The geography of India is one of tolerance on the other hand. In the long run, Parsi Zoroastrians are going to be better friends of Monist Mazdeans than Iranian Zoroastrians, mark my words.

Nomenclature is the other thing, what a word means to us, we should not compromise on. Trust me that when I use a word, I know what I am talking about. That word is like a brick when building a building. If you allow others to yank it and loosen it, the building will collapse next. In our nomenclature, Yasna should mean Celebration, period. Who cares if to others it means worship; that is part of their nomenclature. If you allow it to mean worship to you too, soon you will find yourself on your knees worshiping many things that you do not want to worship. All the key words of this school of Mazdean thought should be well chosen and then, no compromise on what they mean to us should be made. Mazda to us should mean "Thinker", the ability to Think and the ability to have Consciousness. If you compromise on that, soon you will find yourself looking for the great bearded one in the skies as your Papa Mazda, just like all the other Irani Zartoshtis.


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liebera sa...

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liebera sa...

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PS there may be some silliness in my first commentary. I was shy that time. It’s my explanation…