torsdag 17 juli 2008

Human value

Dear Steve

Of course all human beings have equal value as humans.
Even the most intelligent and excellent human beings in every regard only become what they are by being part of a WHOLE as humanity. So it is not as individuals we carry any value but it is rather by being part of humanity that we get our value as human beings.
Zoroastrianism even extends this further: It is precisely as human beings we are also part of and manifest Ahura Mazda. Some people may think more or sounder than others, but the worship of mind as such is not limited to individuals but rather it is a worship of the capacity of all humanity to think, reflect and most of all, ENJOY life!

Alexander Bard

Posted by: "My Home is In the Delta" myhomeisinthedelta

Wed Jul 16, 2008 8:45 am (PDT)

Where do we draw the line at human value? What about a retarded person or an autistic person? Or someone with schizophrenia?

Are they equal to someone who has a university degree? Are they just as important? Most people would think the person with the PhD is better or more important since they have a stronger brain than people who are retarded.

Since I work part time with people who have disabilities and part time at a university I can tell you that often the person with autism or retardation is a far better human being than many of the people I've met who have high intelligence and waste their precious mind and talent.


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