måndag 14 juli 2008

The art of following the spirit of Zarathushtra

There are two types of "betrayal" of our past:
The good betrayal is an act of the highest fidelity: The thing is that one has to BETRAY the letter of Zarathushtra in order to remain faithful to and thereby repeat the SPIRIT of his thought.
Because it is precisely when one remains faithful merely to the LETTER of Zarathushtra that one really betrays the core of his thought, the creative impulse underlying it. This faithfulness to the letter - no matter what - is therefore the destructive betrayal of Zarathushtra.
Ask not what Zarathushtra WROTE and MEANT 3,700 years ago. Instead, ask yourself what Zarathushtra would have written and meant today, using the same potential, the same creativity that he exposed so vividly 3,700 years ago.
Only then will you get Mazdayasna, only then will you understand what the religion is all about, only then, while speaking with Zarathushtra as your living life-companion as if sitting next to you, in an egalitarian dialogue, will you understand and join his spirit, will you discover the Mazdayasna spirit within yourself, will you become one with Asha.

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