söndag 6 juli 2008

Book worshippers vs Mind worshippers

Fri Jul 4, 2008 1:34 pm (PDT)

Dearest Parviz

There are people out there who have blind beliefs in various books. They can
never tell you why exactly THEIR book should be considered the sacred one,
the only one ever needed. All you can be sure of is that these book
worshippers will keep banging their various books onto each other's heads
forever and it will never stop.
Then there are people who, like Zarathushtra himself (who was illiterate and
did not read books, there were no books when he was alive), find books to be
a secondary priority and who instead give primacy to their own MINDS. They
will always be open to discuss the mysteries of life with you, their talk
will be alive, their bending and opening thoughts will mesmerize and thrill
you, they will be your true friends. And contrary to the book worshippers,
the mind worshipers will not have sacred words which they always must
defend, blind beliefs no matter what they encounter in life. So they will
therefore not be prone to ressentiment. They will not go bitter. This is how
you judge a living human being and a true friend from the rest: By their
love towards life and existence itself, and the sacredness they apply to
their own minds and the capacity to change their minds. Ali Jafarey is kind
enough to offer his beliefs and has no interest in what other people
believe. He has stopped communicating a long time ago. He is not eager for
any new or expanded thoughts. But don't hold that against him, love and
respect him, there are thousands of people out there still on the move who
would love to talk to you. And who will help you expand your curious mind
further. And how can anything be more Mazdayasna than that???


2008/7/4 Parviz Varjavand <solvolant@yahoo.com>:

> Dear Ostad Jafarey,
> Mr. Alexander Bard is my companion in Asha, Mr. Ronald Delavega is yours,
> and Shirin Mai has Mr. Bulsara. We each get friends in life that we best
> deserve! Once again you walk off a discussion as if you are too good to talk
> to the likes of me and Alexander. So be it.
> Parviz Varjavand
> *Jafarey@aol.com* wrote:
> In a message dated 7/3/2008 6:59:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
> solvolant@yahoo.com writes:
> Dear Alex,
> I am drowning here and you go off to the deep end. Help me, answer me, am
> I being logical in the conclusions I drew or am I completely out of line?
> You may draw any conclusion you desire, and I think you have latched on to a
> good one, but I am also being logical in what I say. That is the problem
> with Divinely inspired abstract ancient texts specially if they are poetry.
> That is that if we pay too much attention to them, we become like the
> Jehovah’s Witness or the Baha’is or what have you whose life becomes
> dedicated to hashing and rehashing the gibberish that has come in their
> sacred texts. Can Mazdayasna grow out of that straight jacket and actually
> think for itself once in a while or is our heads to be stuck in the Gathas,
> Gathas, and some more Gathas all the time.
> Ushta,
> Parviz Varjavand
> My dear Mr. Varjavand,
> Ushta!
> With Mr. Alexander Bard to rescue, you cannot drown. And in his company,
> you need not refer to persons like me. I am glad that you have found the
> companion with whom you will be able to understand "Mazdayasna" better than
> continuing fruitless discussion with a person like me, who fully believes
> the Gathas, the Sublime Songs, as the best *GUIDE IN LIFE* in the apst,
> present and future.
> Wishing you every success you wish,
> Ali A. Jafarey

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