söndag 18 september 2011

Zoroastrianism in Iran

You probably think of the controversial Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei:
He was vice president briefly but was forced by Ayatollah Khamenei to resign last year while he still holds enormous power and influence behind Ahmadinejad.
Mashaei plays the nationalistic card intensely, mainly to create a separate power center against the controlling mullahs and is widely seen as the biggest rival to Ayathollah Khamanei in the Iranian government as a whole.
Yes, I guess this is good for Zoroastrianism. But the support of Zoroastrianism, at least culturally, which Mashaei has provided has so far not been publicly supported by Ahmadinejad himself. We should remain skeptical while of course endorsing the productive support we can get for the Zoroastrian cause within Iran.

2011/9/19 Daniel Samani

Dear friends,
I have heard rumors that the vice president of Iran promote
Zoroastrianism in Iran. There looks as if its an ongoing trend here
with Z symbols. My question is if this simply is nationalism or
somthing else. Any information regarding this would be appreciated.

2011/9/19, Hampus Lindblad :
> And that should pragmatically be regarded as a relief... Just like amor
> fati. It's the same whenever you come back from some solipsistically tainted
> illusion of being God. Good fucking riddance every single time! The absolute
> loneliness "at the top" is unbearable. It's the "be careful what you wish
> for"-aspect of the classical longing for "Being One With
> Everything"-fantasy.
> Ushta,
> Hampus

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