måndag 26 september 2011

Zarathushtra vs Nietzsche

The only thing Zarathushtra adds that Nietzsche did not have is the pantheistic turn.
In ethics, this means that where we choose pantheism (rather than say atheism) we also get ethical turn laxking with Nietzsche: We BECOME Mazda, we are the MANIFESTATIONS of Mazda in a world of Ahura.
You are your thoughts, your words, and your actions! What you choose is how you are by chossing how you think, speak, and act. This is Zoroastrianism at its purest.

2011/9/26 Special Kain

I think Zarathushtra's existentialist philosophy is anti-nihilism in the best possible sense.
We believe that there is something rather than nothing (Ahura). We further believe that this Something is made up of causes and effects (Asha). And we see ourselves as part of this Something and therefore as ethically obliged to educate ourselves and interact intelligently with and contribute constructively to this Something (Mazda).
Think of Nietzsche who treated ontology and epistemology as ETHICS!

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