måndag 8 november 2010

Practiced Pragmatist Parenthood Part 2

Pragmatism IS a value in itself, of course it is.
It is a healthy skepticism towards all claimed eternal truths, an openness to and embrace of the unpredictable, and a respect towards history (not making mistakes is essentially learning not to repeat the mistakes of others, minimizing your mistakes to the ones you are bound to make anyway).
Why Dino and I are Zoroastrians is because this is precisely what Zarathushtra taught.
Of course you could not be any further from the Abrahamic objectivists than that.

2010/11/9 Parviz Varjavand

Dear Alex,

Children by nature do want to learn from their parents and values are one of the things they want to know the stand of their elders in. Can you teach pragmatism with no value attached to it? I am not lecturing, I am trying to understand what pragmatism is. I read all i could find on Wikipedia about it, but it did not convey to me that it has any standards of ethics embedded in it. If it is void of standards for decent existence, then is it anything more than the laws of the jungle? (I know we are in a jungle, but we do want to keep it a jungle and not turn it into a wasteland.)


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