måndag 1 november 2010


Dear Osred

I believe this is a healthy starting point, but we don't have to end there.
I certainly do not want any sort of return to supersitition.
But I think we can experiment BEYOND this atheistic starting point.
Which is why I refer to myself as a post-atheist and a pantheist.


2010/10/31 osred90
Is it rational to believe in deities? or (maybe not the same thing) is it possible for a rational person to also have a belief in a deity?

A typical modern European (and people on this list perhaps) believe:

1. Things either really exist or they don't . To believe in something means to think that that something really exists. To not believe in something means to think that thing doesn't exist.

2. A deity is by definition a being that doesn't really exist. People who believe in the existence of things that don't really exist are obviously mad.

3. The only things that really exist which matter are people . These people have attributes (like wisdom). Wisdom can only be an attribute of a person and doesn't exist in any other way.

Any comments?


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